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Video showing wallpaper and vectorial illustrations printed on various surface.
Enjoy it

  • decorazione oggetti


  • illustrazione per bambini


  • illustrazione


  • decorazione interni


  • decorazione artistica

decorazioni artistiche,illustrazioni

Hand painting on a guitar's back

Hand Painting on the back of an Ovation  Guitar is really fun!
Take a look at this video that shows you all the steps of an hand painting session

Hand painting on a wall...

Hand painting on a sad gray wall.

I started from a hand made sketch, then I paint it on a wall. Fill Colors and black strokes complete my artwork. Enjoy 

Self portrait on an IPad

Hand painting on an IPad Pro using Apple Pencil. What amusing and powerful tools. 

Woman portrait in speed painting with an IPAd Pro and an Apple Pencil

Speed painting for a woman portrait on an IPad Pro using Apple Pencil. Really amazing

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